NEMO-ADRIA d.o.o. was established in 2008 and focused its business is on socially responsible entrepreneurship ... A large part of the company profits is invested in socially responsible community projects.


The main goal of all of us at the NEMO-ADRIA team, is that through perseverance and professionalism, and above all, a comprehensive top-level service, we build trust between our existing and future customers, who will testify that the formula we are holding is truly successful.


The company NEMO - ADRIA gives great attention to the cleaning of underwater, rivers and lakes. Divers of NEMO - ADRIA are happy to respond to environmental actions and organize several major actions annually in the work program. IV. International Diving Kids Eco - Patrol is just one of the series of actions organized by NEMO TEAM.


Thinking about taking the plunge and becoming a certified scuba diver? Our Open Water Diver courses are the most popular way to combine the adventure of learning to dive with the excitement of exploring the beauty of underwater world. With warm water, minimal current and great visibility year round, Adriatic Sea is a great place to learn how to dive. Through our courses we will teach you the skills of safe diving. The Association of Professional Scuba Schools (PSS) Worldwide is one of the most important diving associations and is part of the international association of diving associations of RSTC Europe.


Through numerous projects, activities and programs we promote Croatia as a diving and tourist destination, the beauty of the Croatian submarine, diving offer and diving in general as an activity aimed at involving young people in promotional, ecological and educational programs. Through the View into the blue project, we have presented diving as an activity in a unique, innovative and attractive way, offering free trial diving for visitors in their town. In full diving equipment with expert supervision of diving instructors at NEMO - ADRIA Rescue Team and members of the volunteers of the Specialist Diving Rescue Team from the water and Office of management in emergency situations of the City of Zagreb and with the support of local diving clubs and centers throughout Croatia and beyond.


NEMO - ADRIA is the only company that has established a private rescue and diving group and entered the market under the name NEMO RESCUE TEAM. In all of our activities we do with students, a rescue diver is always involved. By investing constantly in equipment and education, we have become a recognizable partner of active vacation. The company also provides staff and equipment at the Emergency Management Office of the City of Zagreb for extraordinary situations without being charged as a volunteer for the specialist diving team. Some of our actions (the flood of Slavonia 2014, the search for drowned people, the repair of hydro power plants, special water and underwater security, education of various services and promotional activities) can be seen on our video spots.


GUINNESS WORD RECORD - "NO BREATH" - Zagreb - NAUTIKA 2018 - Diving in the breath (no breathing 24 minutes and 11 seconds), Budimir Šobat - Buda, GUINNESS WORD RECORD - ARCTIC BREATH - Weiseensee - Austria - Diving under the ice Lidija lijić (123 m) & Vitomir Marečić GUINNESS WORD RECORD - Goran Čolak (not breathing 23 minutes) GUINNESS WORD RECORD - Goran Čolak - Ban Josip Jelačić Square - Zagreb - (not breathing 22:30 minutes), breathing clean O2 before diving


The company is authorized service partner of the renowned world diving equipment manufacturer "MARES S.p.A.". Service contact phone +385 91 44 111 47


Bank: PBZ

IBAN: HR98 2340 0091 1109 8389 1